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Hi! I'm Daniel. That's me here, looking super director-like on the set of my first short film "De Nada". I crowdfunded it on Indiegogo, and it was featured on Indiewire as Project of the Day. It premiered at the Boston International Film Festival in 2016, which was cool because yay travel but also reaaaally cold. A while later my  feature screenplay "The Ambassador" was selected as a semifinalist for Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Contest, and as a semifinalist for Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition. Which was great because I could bask in that from the comfort of my couch! I've also written some stuff published on Film Independent and Indiewire.


I'm premiering my second short film “memorama” this year (location TBD). I am currently in post-production on a short documentary I shot in El Salvador and prepping my third short film (title TBD).



I was was born in Oakland (Hella love Oakland). I grew up in California, Ohio, Texas and El Salvador, and speak both English and Spanish. I graduated from La Sierra University, earning degrees in both History and Film/TV Production. I have directed some student plays and fashion shows despite having no fashion-sense to speak of. I love podcasts (faves rn are You Must Remember This, Unspooled and Keep It), cats (fave rn is my roommate's Calico/tabby name Pinto) and running a mile every every once in a while to trick myself into thinking I'm healthy and will live forever. Check out my IMDB page HERE!





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