memorama is finished!!

Truthfully, it was done in September. Still, I glad to share this here! It took about two years of labor to bring it to life in full, and I’m so excited to finally share it with the world. I’m sending it to festivals, so that wait is gonna be longer still. But as soon as I know it’s been accepted somewhere, I’ll make sure everyone knows!

Thank you to all who worked on it and patiently waited for me to get it DONE! Woohoo! That’s all over :) see ya!

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Federico Ebook is Underway! Plus Hollyshorts Screening a Success :)

My book project FEDERICO is underway. I decided to do this project during the last week of 2016, as a way to stay creatively energized every week. The first two chapters are up - check out the FEDERICO page in the navigation bar.

In other news, De Nada screened at Hollyshorts Monthly Screenings at the Chinese Theatre in LA. The audience seemed to really respond well. More updates on it's final distribution should come along soon enough :)